More pictures of the all new 2019 Audi Q3

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Even with the big grille and rather busy interior, this actually looks very nice to me.
Much better than the current “old” one. 
Again, this reminds me a lot of the Q8. 
The interior does look quite upscale. And while not a model of simplicity, much nicer, classier and subtle than the new A-Class/GLA from Mercedes. 

It is about 3 inches longer and 1 inch wider than its predecessor.

Europe is getting 3 gas engines and 1 diesel unit (Yes, still a diesel)
Power ranges from 150HP to 230HP. (We will probably only get the 230HP in the US)
Europe is also getting a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed S-Tronic automatic
(don’t count on the manual for the US)

Sales in Europe start in the fall…

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  1. It an upscale subcompact crossover in size I think! The Q5 was small to me but this must be crap!

  2. It seems to have everything a brand snob could want in a small luxury SUV. It will sell like hotcakes.

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