New interior for the Tesla Model S and X?

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These illustrations are supposed to show a new interior design for both the Model S and Model X.
They don’t really show the same interior, so I guess one is the S and the other is the X?
(And who knows what the 3rd one is…)
If these are real, I am not sure it is an improvement.
I never though the Model S has in interior worthy of the asking price, by far.
But, to me, the worst part of the Model 3 interior is the lack of any kind of physical switch. 
I still think the “huge center screen for everything” is a huge distraction. This is after all, still a car…
So incorporating the “worst” part of the Model 3 into the much more expensive S and X doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.
The S and X really need to have a much more upscale interior. 
Apparently, this is scheduled for late next year. Which would be two years before an all new Model S arrives.
Head over HERE for more on this…

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  1. Do they move the screen to a 45 degree angle in 4 to 5 years?

    That looks like rearranging the deck chairs.

  2. Nooo. The #1 reason I didn't reserve a 3 is because of the terrible interior. Really disappointing.

  3. Looks like newer Model 3 interior. Note: arrows in steering wheel – No no no!. Just make the scroll wheels bigger!. Need HUD badly in all models!. Really need to keep the driver instrument cluster for Model S and X. Also middle touchscreen, although allowing it to tilt some angle towards the driver is nice. Motorized, of course.

    Interior or Model S /X needs to be much higher qality than it is!. More towards Mercedes standard.

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