2019 Audi A7 US pricing

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The all new redesigned A7 will start at $68 000.
Which is actually cheaper than the previous model.
It comes with a 335HP V6 and a 7 speed auto.
The base model also now comes with a super large panoramic sunroof and 19 inch wheels.
For about $4000 more you get an upgraded bang & Olufsen stereo and other stuff. 
The $76 000 Prestige model even comes with laser headlights.
An expensive car sure. But less than its competition like the new CLS. (As the old one started at $75 000)
Nothing from BMW looks that good. Their mid size hatch sedan is what they now call the “6 series Gran Turismo”. (it used to be the 5 series GT)
That one starts at around $70 000. 
Another hatchback, the Tesla model S starts at about $75 000. 
I think we will see quite a few of the on the road…

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  1. I have to say that this type of hatchback combines many good design traits. It is a car, a coupe, and has a cargo area that does not make you miss the SUV so much. You give up visibility by sitting lower compared to an SUV, but the handling almost makes up for it.

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