2019 BMW X7

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Comparing pictures of the concept from a couple of years ago, the new patent designs look pretty tame.
Thank God….
Things don’t seem as vulgar as the concept.
But the production car looks pretty horrible. I mean it looks like something that came out 15 years ago. With a giant chrome grille.
I think this is really bad. I cannot imagine Mercedes not doing much better with the next GLS.
Or anyone else… I just wonder how many generations of crappy designs BMW can get away with before sales start going down…

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  1. BMW has lost its way. They still rest on the laurels of the badge and forget that virtually every single other company has caught up with it or surpassed it in terms of overall design, diving dynamics, interior quality, etc. It is rather comical to see a mid $50s BMW vehicle with vinyl seating and lack of features included in cars half that price. And yes, they all look the same.

  2. As hideous and over the top as most of their recent concepts are, at least they are distinctive. The new 5er and 7er are nearly invisible on the street, you'd be hard pressed to determine whether they are current or previous generation. And that X7 patent inage looks like a FIRST-generation X5!

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