More pictures of the new Mercedes CLS Class for 2019

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The CLS has always been Mercedes’s stylish choice as a sedan.
It always cost much more than an E-Class. ($75 000) But looked much more modern and much less stodgy.
This all new model is mostly just an E-Class now. An E-Class sedan that tries to remind you of the original CLS.
Now they even share the exact same interior. With some small changes similar to the E-Class coupe.
It is basically a 4 door version of the E-Class Coupe. Not a different car like it used to be.
Sure, it looks nicer than the E-Class sedan. But the back seat is pretty small ( I sat in one)
Sure, it has that new inline 6 engine. But that will probably end up in the sedan and coupe very soon. 
You also can’t get the large sunroof available in the coupe and the sedan.
And again, same interior. For about $16 000 more than the Coupe of the V6 sedan.
And that $75 000 is the price of the old one. You can bet this 2019 model will be even more…
But worst of all: why, oh why does Mercedes insist on showing pictures of their car interiors with that super cheesy and cheap looking blue ambient light???

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  1. The CLS has a much more cramp interior space and trunk space is definitely less too. It looks nicer then that of the E Class sedan but I would take the E over the CLS, however. Plus, the price is quite lower if you buy new for the E! I would think you can find a better buy then a 2019 new CLS!

  2. The price difference isn’t that much between a CLS and the $69K+ tab for a V6 E comparatively equipped with 19” wheels, the 12.3” screen and leather seats. Since everyone leases these things anyway, it’s a relatively small monthly bump. True, the back seat may be a bit tighter but for those of us who prefer coupes that’s a big who cares? Most of us have larger vehicles in our households or don’t often carry adults out back or couldn’t care less about their comfort when we do. In my case it’s all 3. That’s why I drive a 911. But if I wanted something ccmfier I’d definitely prefer the CLS to a stodgy E Class.

  3. With the 4 Door AMG GT, the CLS is now pointless. There will no longer be a CLS 63, yet there will be for the E Sedan and AMG GT.

  4. I agree 100% regarding the ambient lighting. It looks like something found in a New Jersey wedding hall. The color can be changed, but most of the colors are too bright and candy-colored.

  5. This thing looks like there isn't a lot of headroom in the back.

    A very large sunroof has to go somewhere. It would make crummy headroom even worse. Doesn't really matter if most buyers don't have anyone in the back seat. That would just accentuate the poor packaging.

  6. According to Dan Neil at the WSJ, the CLS does have a sportier drive-train. People buy these for looks and are usually absent any back seat passengers.

    The front grill and lights sure look like a Mustang to me.

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