2019 Acura ILX

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 As you can see the ILX sedan is not dead yet.
Acura has decided to force their giant grille on the aging compact sedan. (2019 model is the top picture)
and “hope for the best”.

That grille looks much better on an SUV like the new RDX. But seems pretty huge on that little car…

 Out back, it’s “bigger lights” as well. ..

Things look pretty much the same inside (new one on top)
They didn’t;’t even bother changing the shifter to their new electronic one they have on other models.
It looks like they just added a few chrome bits here and there…

I am not sure this is enough. The ILX is now in its 7th year and still based on the previous generation Civic.
Mercedes has a brand new A Class sedan coming here. Audi is hard at work on a new A3 and the new BMW 1 series will probably end up in the US pretty soon too.

Acura should really import that small CDX SUV as an entry model. (Unless they can find a way to come up with a super cool small sedan or hatch)

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  1. I have to say – at least in these photos of the front and rear – this is a massave improvement.

    As you like to call many vehciles "invisible" – I would say Acura found the "re-appear" potion.

    Very bold for a compact lux.

  2. That looks great. The grille is the same size as the old one? Lights are no bigger either (if anything, they're more streamlined). I would have guessed it was all new. Lines are MUCH more cohesive.

    Shame it's still on the old platform and rocking that dated interior.

  3. It looks better than the current version. What is a mystery to me is how Honda receives accolades from most professional reviewers and Acura gets "meh" for its cars. If they are the same platform, how come the Accord is tops and TLX at the bottom? And forget the BS about using a different platform. Even if it is slightly different, that in itself cannot explain the mediocrity of the TLX. In fact some say that the top line of the new Accord is probably one of the best midsize cars out there bar none.

  4. After driving the Accord for a week a while ago I agree. One of the best car around. I cannot imagine how the TLX can be better, for more money. That's the problem.
    The TLX needs to be something different. Not just a previous generation Accord with its own design…

  5. “massave” improvement????

    How embarrassing, Civic, Accord, and CRV outshine the Acura lineup.

  6. The updates do make it look better, but the poor car is completely outclassed by the Civic and the new Insight. There is a definite problem when a mainstream brand offers better looking and more modern products than its corresponding premium brand. Honda seems like an extremely capable vehicle manufacturer. It’s somewhat perplexing that it cannot seem to manage a relevant and competitive premium division. 🤔

  7. I am guessing the Acura budget is not allowing the sedans to be updated from their Honda brethren. If the Acura-ized the current Civic to the ILX, that could be interesting.

  8. Such an awful car…DCT, roaring 2.4L, and sharp handling now, aside, it feels over a decade old, has one of the cheapest and by far most uncomfortable rough interiors, from rock hard doors to too high seats that are flat and hard…never an easy sell, unless you were an Acura/Honda loyalist with blinders on. Looks better, but still…there are SOOO many other options out there that are better. Mazda 3 anyone? High end feeling in comparison. Civic? More comfortable and better…

  9. Selling the last gen Civic platform now a reskin from the reskin?! Acura solely exists because of its SUV's

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