2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country

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The Cross Country “raised up ” versions of Volvo wagons have always looked great.
(That is still the case with the large V90 Cross Country)
So of course, this all-new V60 Cross Country is a really nice looking wagon.
It is just about 3 inches higher than the regular V60 wagon. 
All-wheel drive is standard. 
It will be available in T5 and D4 (diesel ) versions in Europe.
(Fair to say the diesel won’t be sold over here)
And a plug-in version will follow later. 
Looks like the 60 series is now complete. With a sedan, wagon, CC wagon and the XC60 SUV.
Next is the new 40 series. Which has already started with the XC40. It will also be followed by a sedan and a wagon.

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  1. I like everything about the cross country V60 except the black wheel cladding and the underpower powertrain.

  2. Nice to see that the Chinese know when to leave things hands-off. A lot of car companies should be taking notes on Volvo design.

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