2020 Audi E-tron

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The Electric Audi is finally here.
And it looks fine. Pretty much like the new Q8. Which is OK.
I guess no one will notice it, ever. The interior is still super busy. Like other modern Audi designs.
This is quite a difference when compared to the minimalistic interior of the Tesla Model 3…
The range is supposed to be around 250 miles. With a fast charger capacity that gets you about 80 % of the charge in 30 minutes.
Prices start at a bit above $75 000. For a very well equipped model with includes a panoramic sunroof and high end stereo. 
That is about $5000 more than the Jaguar iPace EV.
At least this looks a bit more elegant than the Mercedes EV.
The Tesla competition is growing fast. But it is all so boring….

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  1. It is going to be a very competitive model against the Tesla X since it is much less around $75K! Looks very sharp inside and out! Better interior then the X. If the Audi E-tron can come close to the range, acceleration and reliability(kind of easy to attain since not reliable) of the Tesla X; it will gain market share.

  2. It's roughly the same starting price as a Model X. And we know all about Audi's option list. Yet similar range, nonexistent fast charging infrastructure, much slower, lower top speed, less room, a cluttered dashboard, no falcon wing doors, no helicopter windshield, smaller front trunk even though it's got a long conventional front hood designed to accommodate a gas engine that's not there. And then there's the question of the disgusting front grille… why is there a grille at all? And after being in the futuristic model X, how could anyone stand dumpy door handles like the ones on a Jetta? Are we supposed to lug the doors open and closed manually… like cavemen? 😉

    I'm being snarky because I think most of this is corporate hype resulting from the dieselgate settlement mandate, and not a real commitment to EVs.

  3. Designers of electric cars have a real opportunity to reimagine what a front end should look like, and instead they keep slapping fake, useless grilles on them. Timid sheep the lot of them.

  4. Anonymmous 10:12am, I believe I just read somewhere that the A3 e-Tron has been discontinued for 2019.

  5. This looks SO old fashioned. EVs can achieve very different shapes since there is no engine bay to get in the way. Tesla takes advantage of the new packaging opportunities while the Germans slap nasty chrome maws on old fashioned designs. LOL!

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