Kia Telluride: Concept Vs. Production

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Sure it has been toned down a bit from the concept. Which is expected.
But it looks like the revisions were done to stay away from the “truck” personality of the concept.
Which, I though, was a good idea. Since they already have the car/wagon like Sorento.
A more square truck look would have worked as something different.
This now looks a bit too close to the Sorento. Sure, it will seat 8 instead of 7. But unless it is much larger, I can’t really see the point of this…
Head over HERE for more pictures of the upcoming Kia Telluride.
And again, the new Genesis brand needs something like this more than Kia or Hyundai…

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  1. The concept was made on a RWD platform. Now, we have a "similarly styled" FWD platform production version. Not at all the same car…

  2. It went from a Royce Royce copy to Cadillac one. If BMW would have done that, we would not heard the end of it

  3. I can't help to think it looks like one of those Chinese cars, where they copy one car and attach a different grille to distract; Here a Volvo XC90 with a Cadillac Escalade front end attached.

  4. Definitely not one of Kia’s better styling efforts. The concept was an ugly beast and the watered down production version is not an improvement.

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