Even more pictures of the all new BMW 3 series!

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I have to admit, it looks better in these new pictures.
(Although I would like to see how it looks with the chrome around the windows)
It still looks more like a Japanese car now (Or even a Genesis)
And these little plastic bits on the front and rear bumpers look really cheap…
(I use the word “look” a lot…)

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  1. Yes, it looks better than the previous pictures and the current model. But, thats about it. No new ground.

  2. The rear lights were pulled from the IS Lexus, white the digital dashboard looks like it came from some other car.

  3. I just saw the real thing in the Paris motor show. Really nice! I think it has an Italian flavor a bit like the Alfa Giulia. Beautiful!

  4. Something weird with the rear quarter windows and c-pillar.. seems like they could have simplified it quite a bit, now it looks forced and quite inorganic. The Hoffmeister kink isn't even a consistent shape anymore. Little details like this can ruin an otherwise great design.. and this one is only average at best.

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