2020 Genesis G90

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As I mentioned earlier, this thing is barely 2 years old. An all-new face is a weird decision after less than 2 years.
Not at all what you need to sell your most expensive car. Now people who took a change on the all-new brand last year end up with an “old” model.
I see they tried to inject more personality into the car. But that grille looks really cartoony to me.
And the new wheels are just way overdone. Like if someone had far too much time to design something. 
(They look like doodles bored people do at staff meetings)
The interior seems untouched. Except for a few trim colors etc…
I guess this means that every Genesis model has to get that weirdo grille now?
Which means it is coming next year to the all-new G70?

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  1. I don't like the design. It looks outdated back in 2005. Also I see a lot of Avalon in this back in 2007

  2. The new Genesis G90 redesign/refresh is glorious,fabulous looking luxury sedan. The new G90 looks like it belongs in the ultra luxury class next to that of a Bentley or a Rolls Royce. It is really something I would consider if it were a little smaller like 190"-195" long. I think it is however the length of a Mercedes S Class which is around the 205"-210" length. Might look at buying if the general public does not like it and it offer at a deep discount even if it a foot bigger then I my needs in a sedan. Love the new front grill. Looks very, very upscale! Lexus must be very jealous of this new front grill since their is so ugly looking. The spoke wheels are just fantastic looking too. In black, it looks outstanding. All I can say is: "Wow!"

  3. The interior is about as unoriginal and ordinary as they could have made it. The exterior, well, I want to hate it because the grille and the wheels are just so trashy. But aside from those two things, the car does appear to have more presence than before.

  4. Ugly front grille. Seems like the front grille on a lot of cars are getting way too big and ugly… Toyota Avalon, almost any Lexus, Hyundai Sonata, etc.

  5. "Which means it is coming next year to the all-new G70?"

    Patrick and I think you mean new "G80" instead of the new "G70"

    If Genesis has the same styling language in the G80; I will probably buy it!

  6. They still could not integrate the front camera and sensors any better than that ugly rectangle piece of plastic in the center of the grille. LOL! The Japanese and Germans have nothing to be worried about.

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