A better Nissan Altima for China?

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 I have not sat in the new Altima yet. But, at least from photos, the dashboard seems to be ruined by the cheezy fake wood trim.
The Chinese model (top picture) doesn’t have it at all. Which makes the whole interior of the car much cleaner, and actually classier and more upscale.

Same thing for the sunroof. The US (Bottom pic) only get a small old-timey sunroof option.
While the Chinese version gets a double opening, like so many other cars these days.

I am not sure, but that could be because of the Maxima. Which might not be sold in China (?)
I guess Nissan needs to keep the Altima bellow their other more expensive sedan…

But that plastic wood should really go, no matter what…

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  1. Vince, everything is fake these days. I am glad they are not killing trees to built dashboards. BMW, with the worst interiors, has been using fake leather for ever. Just sit in an X3 and you will understand what I am talking about. This fake wood thing is no big deal, especially if you are not paying through the nose.

  2. Ok.

    Vince, this is why I've been coming to your site for over a decade. Your attention to detail is awesome. I agree, it looks better without the wood trim. Overall, tho, I much prefer the looks of the Accord over the Altima (inside and out). Although Ford had them all beat with the Fusion. It's a shame they are killing it…

  3. I agree with the panoramic sunroof but not with the dash, I think it looks way better with the wood, fake or not.

  4. It's not that the wood is fake or not, it's that it looks so damn fake. It looks no better than wood grain contact paper you could pick up at the dollar store.

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