Honda HR-V electric?

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Basically, yes. This is an all-electric version of the Honda HR-V for the Chinese market.
Called the Everus VE-1, this is made in China by Honda and its local partner GAC.
It has a 53,6 kWh battery. And a 210 miles range.
I think this would be a great car for Honda in the  US. Competing with the new Kona EV.
The Hyundai Kona EV is pretty sure to be a hit when it comes over here.
I really don’t get why Honda is so weird about not bringing over models they are already selling overseas, to the US.
Cars and SUVs that could be big sellers.
Like the new Hybrid version of the CR-V! This would be a huge hit here since the CR-V is Honda’s best seller in the US. Why isn’t this coming over here???
And how about the Acura CDX?
A great small luxury SUV’s they’ve been selling in China for a while. (It even looks like a mini RDX)
While Acura is stuck with the aging ILX in the US as its entry model.
(Meanwhile, Lexus got it right and now has the UX)
Now, this cool HR-V EV.

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  1. A 53 KWH battery and only 210 miles of range?!? GEEEEEZZZZZZ…..that's really a poor efficiency car / crossover / whatever the HRV pretends to be today.

  2. Please Honda at least graft that front end onto the HRV you sell here, instead of inflicting that visual clusterpharq that is the existing HRV onto us.

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