2019 Mazda3 parking lot

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That, is a lot of Mazda3s.
Looks like the Hiroshima factory has been making them for a while. 
Not sure when the car is actually available in the US, but from the look if this, we should have too long to wait.

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  1. Not much of a color selection, eh? Perhaps this is one of Mazda's biggest weakness, not offering more color options to their customers!

  2. They're a fairly low production manufacturer and still manage to offer a surprising amount of quality at a competitive price point. Standard trims with standard options as well as a lower number of paint options allows them to streamline production lines and save money. I'd rather have fewer color choices and a higher overall quality product to be honest.

  3. I remember when it used to be a novelty to see a white Mazda.. on many models the only white you could get was an extra-cost pearlescent. Now it's a novelty to see a Mazda that isn't red or grey.

  4. Love hatches and hate to see so many disappearing but that's just too much c-pillar for me. If you can even call something that wide a pillar. Also love red cars but that is a limited color choice.

  5. Starting production with five colors isn't bad. My guess is they want everyone to think MAZDA when they see that Soul Red color. So lots of that for the first car dealers receive. Otherwise, they have plenty of choices. I wish they would put more effort in refining the other colors the way they did soul red&machine gray.

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