2020 Toyota Supra

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After all these years, we finally see the real face of the all-new Toyota Supra for 2020.

Which is not so new anymore, since it looks like a toned down version of the concept from 2014.
Yes, that’s right. That will be 5 years by the time the production model comes out early next year.

The new Supra isn’t bad, or a bad idea.
But since it looks like the BMW Z4 on which the Toyota is based will start at around $65 000, this new Supra won’t be cheap.
Or remotely affordable.
Again, how many people will actually buy this thing?

If they want to get back into the sports car business, they need an affordable new version of the Celica.
Or at least an F86 with a decent interior…

I don’t think a $60 000 Supra will be that appealing. 

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  1. there cant be an affordable version of the Celica (assuming you are talking high performance turbo 4 trac), it would cost aobut 45k+ in todays money, and it wouldn't be good enough to justify buying it over an STI, and it wont have the credentials of an STI.

    how good is this supra? well let's be honest, how good are aftermarket potential and reliability of BMWs….

  2. A affordable Celica and MR2 would be awesome! Nowadays that would probably be $28-38k, I'm sure there's a market for it. This Supra will probably start in the 50's and sadly since it's basically a BMW won't have that Toyota dependability. BMW makes a awesome car and engine, but maintaining them can cost a fortune after the warranty.

  3. The new Supra isn't bad, or a bad idea.
    But since it looks like the BMW Z4…

    Uh, you did. Do you even read what you post?

    But, nah, my bad, you're correct, you didn't say those words. Somebody must have hacked your site. Yeah, that's it.

  4. Vince I think BMW just announced the most basic model of the Z4 will start just below $51k: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a22748926/2019-bmw-z4-roadster-30i-m40i/

    If that's true, I'd bet a base Supra with the 250+ hp turbo four will be in the mid 40's, let's say $45k. Considering a 1998 Supra with the non-turbo six at 225 hp and a four-speed automatic had an MSRP of about $31k in 1998 dollars (~$47,900 in 2018), I'd say the pricing might be right on the money.

    Given the current market preference for crossovers, though, I can't imagine the market for this will be that hot. I predict the same thing will happen that did with the FR-S/86/BRZ back in 2013 – everyone who wants one will buy one in the first year or two and then sales will steadily decline.

    Shame though because I bet it will drive really well and I'm happy Toyota wanted to bring back a Supra!

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