2020 Toyota Supra

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That’s right, all we are still getting more spy shots of the new Toyota Supra.
As the real thing is still not out yet….
As you can see, the production model (yellow car) will actually stay pretty close to the FT-1 Concept.
And thankfully, it looks a lot cleaner.
Still, that concept is now 5 years old. This is a lifetime in the car business. (5 years is actually the length of a car generation.)
So by the time the Supra comes out, it won’t really look new at all.
And, as mentioned before, it’ll probably start at over $50 000. 

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  1. That the way I see the new – old Supra now! In the past! It been hyped and hyped with all mixtures of camouflage for years! It not even a new model now that it been so long in the tooth and so when it is "finally" release; nobody will care!

  2. This is the same issue Acura had with the new NSX. It seemed like it was hyped for a decade before it was released. However, I think even less people will care about the new Supra.

    First off, its not a Supra, its a re-skinned Z4. Nothing other then the exterior sheet-metal is a Toyota. So I am guessing most (if not all) of the (old) Supra fans will not be interested. So, I think that leaves a very small pool of people that will be interested.

    Second, I don't think anyone wandering in to a Toyota dealer to by a minivan, will see this and say 'I think I will take the Supra instead'. (This I call the NSX problem. Acura make great SUV's and ok-ish cars, but what in their lineup makes the NSX fit?)

    Third, unless you live under a rock, you know BMW's are not known for reliability and, out of warranty, are expensive as hell to fix. They are long-term nightmares.

    Fourth, most people interested in this type of car will just by the BMW version. since its the same car, what do you think most people would rather say 'I drive a Toyota' or 'I drive a BMW'?

    I wish Toyota would put their engineering $$ where their mouth is. They want to convince us they are bringing fun back to the brand. But the two fun cars they will have are just a rebranded Subaru and (now) BMW. Neither (while great cars) live in the same heritage as the (real) Supra, Celica and MR2

  3. I don't think age really matters when you see the amount of Supras still on the road. Diehard fans won't care.

  4. You’d think after all this time they could at least correct the spelling of the name. Super, not Supra, you dummies!

  5. I don't have a problem with the new Supra being built in Austria with BMW underpinnings because I don't think Toyota would sign off on a project like that with its reputation is on the line.

    I love that you can get it in yellow – I bet you can't even get the Z4 in solid red.

    However, I do think the most unfortunate thing about this car is the engine. One of the reasons the last Supra was so popular with the people who could afford it is that the engine was over-engineered and easily modified. BMW just doesn't build high-performance engines that can handle a lot of mods or perform reliably without expensive, essential components needing to be replaced. Look at the E39 M5, E46 M3, E60 M5/M6, or even the N54/N55 engines.

  6. The concept was shown during Toyotas worst time period of design. Just a few years ago, Toyota was selling some of the most vulgarly ugly vehicles you could find. Some of them, like the Prius, the Camry, the plastic-clad 4Runner, and the Corolla haven't changed much. Now that the Supra is starting to emerge, it's no wonder that it's proving to be a bloated disgusting mess.

  7. I think all of these comments, no matter how different, are all correct.

    Which just shows there was such potential with this car that won't be realized. Will it be horrible…? No. But I don't see this being more of a curiosity. Which makes me sad.

  8. The rage over this car is so overblown… Everyone and their mother wants to predict sales failure, no one caring, etc.

    This might be a surprise to people, but most consumers don't browse online car forums or keep up with car news every week. They might have seen the Supra concepts pop up on the news for a quick minute and spent about that long thinking "oh neat, new Supra soon." They'll be more interested in seeing the actual model in their local dealer or TV ads Toyota will undoubtedly run once the real deal releases.

    I think this is shaping up wonderfully design-wise. Nice clean detailing. Looks about twice as premium as the GT86 (and probably will be). It's sort of disappointing how short automotive attention spans are in the car world today. Have some patience, let the car come out when it's ready, and don't write it off without any full reveal or test drive.

  9. This car will not sale well; with the few people who are interested in a tweener "sports" car https://www.goodcarbadcar.net/, most will opt for the BMW version. I know I would, and I really do not like BMW's. Actually, I would just pay a bit more and get a 718.

    The sad thing is, sports cars, especially convertibles, do not sell in any significant number. And Badge engineering doesn't help; it's the same buying pool, just spread over more mfg's.

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