2020 VW Golf ???

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Let’s hope these nice illustrations are wrong.
They basically are based on the spy shots seen HERE.
Which, I think, are also wrong. They just look rather fake.
For so many reasons. VW would not leave these cars in a regular parking lot. 
They wouldn’t have the big VW logo on the grille.
The prototypes of an all-new VW Golf would still wear much more camouflage. (the all-new 2020 Passat is just a few days away and still completely covered in camouflage) etc…
Sure, the next VW  Golf will not reinvent the wheel. It never does.
But really,  we deserve more than the same thing over and over…

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  1. Those headlights look way awful…. but otherwise, yes, Vince, they really will do the same thing over and over again….sorry.

    Thinking about it further… Think of how VW made such a big deal advertising how minimal its changes to the Beetle were in the 60s, or of how minimally changed the Porsche 911 was. The thought was either that a good design does not need to be changed, or there is marketing pride in the frugality of not making new tooling. Well, the latter is moot on all these new models, due to the tooling being multiplied….

    Just for a moment imagine the 1974 Rabbit with identical external sheetmetal with beefed up internal structure, 6 airbags, giant bumpers for added crush zones, and of course, an iPad sticking up in the middle of the dash….

  2. These illustrations are probably close to what it will look like. Golf buyers demand an evolutionary design.

  3. Sorry to say, but that actually sounds like a really cool idea.

    For so many other cars too…

  4. I think you're right about VW. However, I don't think you should expect much in terms of design. Look no further than the side character lines and lighting designs on the Atlas and Tiguan for the Golfs "redesign".

  5. These are old renderings from months ago and already irrelevant. Why are you even posting this at this point?

  6. The Golf is to VW what the 911 is to Porsche => Very successful / popular, a long rich history therefore don't want to mess too much with a good thing. These are vehicles not necessarily going after new users but a particular hence it's the changes underneath that master most, not what's on the outside per say.

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