2020 VW Passat

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As we all know by now, there is a new VW Passat on its way. In just a few weeks.
The teasers above show a nice, modern-looking sedan.
One that looks almost exactly like the new Passat for the Chinese market. 
(Maybe with a bit less chrome. Although the teasers above seem to show a sporty version.)
VW has already told us the “new” Passat won’t be that new. It is basically the same car with a new design.
it will use the same platform. (Not the more current MQB platform used in almost every current VW model, including the new Jetta.)
And the same same 174HP engine. With just a bit more torque.
Which is still less than pretty much all of its competition.
(even less than the Mazda3 I am driving this week)
So yes, VW is keeping the Passat alive. But they are doing so with the smallest investment possible.

Here is the new VW Passat for the Chinese market.
Which, as you can see, is the same car pictured in the teasers above.
(Except for the sportier wheels and bumper)

The current Passat is still a fine car. I just wonder is using most of the same stuff for another 5 or 6 years will be enough.
That old platform cannot be electrified either. So no hybrid or plug-in versions are coming anytime soon.

You can see more pictures of the new 2020 VW Passat HERE, HERE, HERE and of course, HERE. (Chinese market)

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  1. I wonder when people are going to get tired of the super boring and vanilla wafer generic styling of all VW's? Nothing current, the past 10 years or likely the future is any interesting. This could be any VW sedan in the last decade………Just sad.

  2. Sedans are lot poison in the States and you want them to create a bespoke sedan for the States.

    Please state a business case where that would be successful.

  3. VWs are unreliable in the long term, but practical and boring looking. This is no different. These are cars built for the masses, and particularly for those that do not do any research and have the illusion that they are buy a cheaper Audi.

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