2020 Ford Explorer : Without the vertical screen

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We’ve all seen the official press picture on top, of the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer.
Showcasing a super large 10.1-inch vertical screen.
But in the other picture, we see what the dashboard will look like without it.
As it seems to be a much more basic version of the new Ford Explorer. with the standard 8 inches, horizontal screen.
It is kind of weird looking, with an empty area under it. (Unless that is a part missing in this particular prototype)

This is probably what most versions of the 2020 Explorer will look like. Since that “portrait mode” screen could be part of an expensive option package. Or just available on high-end versions.

(Thanks to “Ryan from Canada” for the pic)

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  1. Might be easier to operate the 8-inch screen with the "weird" area/hollow space beneath it. Otherwise your hand might touch the lip of the center stack when trying to operate the larger 10" screen.

  2. Vince, you yourself posted a similar spy shot of the smaller screen in a post on December 4. This isn’t anything new…

  3. There have been plenty of much clearer pictures of this on the web. The area under the screen is a self. I hope all screens in all new vehicles are of much better quality, with better resolution and deeper blacks. Considering the you can by a 4K 55" tv for under $800, the quality of most screens in cars in 2018 was very, very disappointing, especially considering what they charge for vehicles these days. Better quality back up cameras would be nice too.

  4. The screen rotates – in the vertical position you can see the text running at 90 degrees on the right side

  5. Finally, car manufacturers have up their screen resolution to 480i! It is a out time but put in a modern CPU too inside of something dated to the 1990s. It is the year 2019 after all. 4K TVs too are common now so I love to see the next jump to 720p?

  6. Fine whatever. The Explorer is fine when new. But every five year old Explorer is a worthless WT truck parked in the most WT areas.

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