2020 Lincoln Aviator pricing.

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The all-new 7 seats 400HP Lincoln Aviator will start at $ 52 195. (including shipping)
The Reserve model starts at $57 285
The Black Label version starts at $78 790
For the 450HP Hybrid version, prices will start at $69 895 for a “base” Grand Touring version.
The Black Label version will cost $88 895.
Not cheap, but pretty much aligned with the competition.
Here are some base prices:
– Audi Q7: $53 550
– Volvo XC90: $47 700
– Infiniti QX60: $44 000.
– Buick Enclave: $40 000
– Lexus RX-L: $48 665
So the new Lincoln Aviator seats right in between the Germans and the rest as far as price is concerned.
While it has more power than anything else for the price.
I think it could have been priced a bit more aggressively. Lincoln is not a brand people are fighting for, really.
At least not anymore. And maybe not yet.
The plug-in Hybrid is very expensive. About $10 000 more in the Black Label version.
Which could have been OK when including various tax incentives. But these are quickly disappearing…
Is the 2020 Lincoln Aviator too expensive?

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  1. $4k to $5k too expensive at the base, $8-10k too pricey at the top. It will sell in very very limited numbers and inside Lincoln this sales failure will be lauded as a testimony to the "exclusivity" of Lincoln ownership by a marketing group desperate to keep their jobs.

    Caddie will respond and price their XT(urd)6 about the same or more but offer massive money on the hood to move it, and anyone with a brain will end up buying an Explorer or a Kia Telluride for a lot less coin.

  2. I think the pricing is fine. The Aviator is going to be something that people say "I want that!" The next question is what Cadillac will try to do on the XT6.

  3. What's the lease rate for this type of car? Do leases allow towing or off-road driving? I imagine the lease offers are more important than MSRP for a sedan in this price range, but I don't know if that applies here.

    Any price is too high with those clown car wheels.

  4. These prices are too high for a Lincoln. And that price on the Hybrid is insane, nearly $70K! A Lexus RXL Hybrid has an MSRP of only $50720, and nicely equipped with a bunch of options is under $60000. The Acura MDX Hybrid starts at $52800 (WITH ALL WHEEL DRIVE STANDARD). Does Lincoln think it has products at the level of BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover and Porsche? Lincoln reliability and resale value is not that great either.

  5. I say it’s priced right and Lincoln will have a hit on their hands come summer! The Navigator sells 90% of its mix at the Black Label and Reseve trims, well above the Aviator prices, so Lincoln has shown that when they offer a top notch competitive product the market will respond.

  6. Is it going to be another so-so car from Lincoln? Time will show. At least, the paid reviews will be positive at the beginning.

  7. It just depends which segment the Aviator is targeting. I think it is the German luxury brands as well as Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.

  8. Anyone looking at a $60-$70K on a vehicle isn't going to step down to its cheaper cousin, they'll step over to a different brand.

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