2020 Mazda 2

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The current generation of the Mazda 2 is almost 5 years old already. So we will be seeing a few illustrations like the ones above, as well as actual spy shots in the coming months.
(The picture above is an illustration, and NOT the real 2020 Mazda 2)
As usual, it should pretty much look like a small Mazda 3. Even though Mazda has just announced that all their future models will have their own design language. (Hyundai announced the same thing a few months ago. As well as Audi earlier)
And these illustrations do look like a smaller 2019 Mazda 3 hatchback. 
We never got the current generation in the US.  I test drove the previous one years ago and really liked it. (HERE)
What we got was the sedan version as a Scion. And later as a Toyota.
Not sure if Mazda will start selling us the Mazda 2 again once the next generation is out. 
But so far it is not likely. Although they are working on a small EV that will be sold in the US.
That model could very well be a version of the next Mazda 2.
Why not…

This is the current generation hatchback that is not sold in the US.

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  1. Go to "fueleconomy.gov" and look under Mazda. The Mazda2 is listed as a 2019 model here in the United States.

  2. @John Barone: The Mazda2 is certified for sale in the US because Mazda sells it in Puerto Rico. That's why it's listed on fueleconomy.gov. So if you really want one, you can buy it there and ship it to the mainland with no issues.

  3. Thanks for the update – Seems to be a lot of work and expense to sell a few hundred (assuming) vehicles per year.

  4. Doesn't look much better than the hatch we didn't get, but hatches be good and we need more of 'em.

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