2020 Nissan Sentra

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This is actually a picture of the all-new Nissan Sylphy.
Which is the name given to our Sentra in many overseas markets.
Since the current Sylphy is the same car as the current Sentra, it is safe to say this is the 2020 Sentra as well.
While I applaud the vast design improvement over the current super boring/invisible generation, I also wish Nissan could come up with something else than yet another small Altima/Maxima design.
(This one is so close to the Altima that I actually didn’t think it was the new Sentra at first.)
Since the new Altima also looks like a smaller Maxima, it looks like Nissan only has the resources for just one single design for all their sedans.
This is almost a worst case of “same sausage/different sizes” than the German designers.
Well, at least it does have some style…
The new model is almost an inch longer than the current car. But almost 2 inches lower.
Power, at least in some market, comes from a 1.6 Liter engine.
The current Sentra is just an OK car. Lagging behind pretty much everything else in the segment.
With only 125HP, it is pretty underpowered. The engine is only quiet when cruising slowly.
Anything will be a welcome improvement. With compact sedans like the Civic, Mazda3 and new Corolla that keep getting better and better, a new Sentra is long overdue.
Plus, it is good to see yet another car manufacturer not giving up on new sedans…

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  1. I see what they did here.. basically shrank the Altima styling cues onto the general body shape of the Civic. Yet somehow it manages to work!

  2. I don't think this looks anything like a Civic but it does look a lot like the Altima, which is not a bad thing. Now, we now it will be underpowered and the CVT will suck. I hope the interior looks good unlike the mega cheap looking current one. The current Sentra is doing very well for Nissan so I guess this one will do even better no matter what. It looks better than the new Corolla IMO….

  3. Do you think we're seeing some rebirth of Nissan now that Goshn is out of the way and no longer force-feeding Nissan terrible product strategy?

  4. TiredOfWaiting
    "Do you think we're seeing some rebirth of Nissan now that Goshn is out of the way and no longer force-feeding Nissan terrible product strategy?"

    🤨In what sense? You cannot be serious with yourself, if you think 2 months is enough time to design an all new car from scratch?🙄

    The new L21B Sentra is newly leaked, but already old news internally at Nissan and was even designed during Ghosn's last years as CEO of Nissan, let alone promotion to chairman. Styling was finished in 2016, so you are way off with that suggestion! Surely people are not that clueless, as cars take a long time to develop!

    Ghosn-less Nissans are still some 4-5 years away, because even as chairman he still had say. There has been a focus on reduction in volume chasing and quality over quantity for once, starting with the 2019 Altima.

    All Nissans going forward are to have a higher quality focus, especially on the interiors.

  5. Probably the best execution of the Nissan face, on arguably their worst car. Couple the above with fact that Nissan has horrific QC; I see another POS from Nissan that will be a dud – and they'll blame the transition to CUV's as the reason.

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