2020 Toyota Supra

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These new pictures pretty much show us everything.
Even the interior.
Which, at least, is different from the BMW Z4.
I still think it is pretty small for a real Supra. Plus, like most people here mentioned, this will not have the legendary Toyoda reliability. At all.
Prices are rumored to start at $50 000 (With a 6 cylinder). Which is the price of the cheaper 2.0 Liter version of the similar BMW Z4.  Again, I am not sure this will ever be popular. 
And, you can still get another very nice Japanese V6 sports car for $30 000: the Nissan Z. Which is still in production.
Sure, it is older and has a bit less power. But it is still a very nice car.
And there are plenty of them slightly used around…

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  1. So messy.. the side bulge shapes and hood cutline alone are comical, and the greenhouse doesn't even match the roofline. And the center console controls seem to be more accessible to the passenger than the driver.. did they not even account for LHD markets? Disaster at any price.

  2. The last Supra didn't have "the legendary Toyoda reliability." At all. That straight 6 was prone to piston slap, which was terminal.

  3. How many people had to approve of this design before this thing got to production? That's how many people should be fired from their jobs and barred from any employment in the automotive industry ever again.

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