2020/21 Rolls Royce Ghost

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After over 10 years, the current Rolls Royce Ghost sedan will be getting an all-new design.
As you can see, in this case, “all-new” will mean “very similar”.
And why not…
The current car is still really good looking. And much less obnoxious than the giant Phantom.
(And I am not even talking about the nightmarish Culligan)
And it’s “only” $312 000.
This is the car that shows Rolls Royce can still build a classy, understated and well-proportioned car.
At first, I thought the car in the spy shot was a lot sleeker than the previous version. But when compared to the current one, it doesn’t seem so at all. 
Bentley is also hard at work on an all-new Flying Spur sedan. And that car will be a lot sleeker than the one it will be replacing.
And cheaper than the Rolls. Since the current one is “just” around $210 000.
the price of an S Class less than the Rolls)
More pictures HERE

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  1. It's difficult to tell if there are ANY changes or if it's just the difference in viewing angle. The nose might be longer and the tail rounder. If there's a change in the greenhouse, it so small you wonder why'd they bother.

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