GM’s all new BEV3 platform for EVs

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This shows what GM has planned for their all-new EV platform, called BEV3.
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It looks like a lot of SUVs. Only one model is described as “Low Roof”. Which, I guess, means a sedan or a coupe.
GM is apparently already on track to offer 10 EVs in China by the end of 2020.
The new BEV platform will allow them to double that number by 2023.

The first model for the US market will be this all-new 5 seater Cadillac SUV (Probably the one labelled
Lux Compact CUV” on the top picture)

Weird that GM just showed us a couple of pictures of the new model during the Detroit Auto Show.
But nothing else. Not even a name…

They might be a bit late to the party (Although the Volt was ahead of its time), but it looks like GM will have plenty of EVs in just a few years.
By that time, Tesla might have their “potentially super popular” Model Y out.
Which would be formidable competition to any other electric SUV out there.
But not much else new. (Except the super Expensive Roadster, and maybe the pick-up if that ever happens)

GM and VW will be pushing a lot of new electric models in all categories and price range.
And many others have similar plans.

Tesla might have a hard time to stay special and unique…

What do you think?
What would happen to Tesla once everyone is making EVs?

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  1. The day will come soon when electric vehicles will no longer be viewed as "special." And pricing will reflect this.

    Just like what happened with smartphones, a crowded field of players will turn EV's into commodity products. They will ultimately be available from all auto companies; in various sizes and levels of sophistication.

    It will be very difficult to stand out from the crowd and command premium pricing. Smaller companies (like Tesla) will be at risk once EVs are available from so many suppliers.

  2. What would happen to Tesla once everyone is making EVs? Dunno, what happened to Apple once everyone everyone else started making smartphones?

  3. I wonder what distinction GM makes between SUV and CUV. I assumed the "centroid" models would be the first to appear.

    If only they'd made a CUV Volt off the bat. The range extending ICE is more useful because of the higher hwy drag on a CUV. Several hundred miles worth of batteries wouldn't be needed. But the few people who buy electric don't want an ICE at all.

  4. Apple and the smartphone is not an accurate comparison to Tesla and EVs!

    Apple was not the first – or the only – smartphone maker at the time when they introduced their own iphone.

    True, Tesla wasn't the first and only EV maker. But a strong argument can be made that they paved the way for everyone else that is coming now.

  5. I don't think Tesla needs to worry when lots of electric models reach the market.
    It's the market share of gas and diesel cars that will go down.

  6. Don't worry about Tesla, they will be fine. Worry about the dealers of the Big Auto makers trying to figure how make money in the service dept when little is needed for an EV.

    You want a Tesla, go on line and order one. Want a Caddy EV, go the dealer who will try to sell you an Escalade instead.

  7. The next 4 years will be interesting. All these automakers have a ton of EVs about to flood the market, but demand hasn't proven enough to absorb the supply. Couple that with expiring tax credits for some brands, and we should see massive discounts on these EVs from multiple automakers. The car companies are going to take heavy losses.

    They think that they are going to save money by getting rid of money losing sedans, only to replace them with greater losses from discounts on the EVs.

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