Jim Rockford’s car driving around…

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I was in Burbank yesterday and was very lucky to see this car driving by.
Of course, I only have my phone with me (And not my good camera) and I was only able to take these two pix.
Always a really good feeling to see a car you saw so many times on TV… And the one driving by in such a beautiful and sunny day looked brand new and sounded great!
Not sure if that is the exact same car or not, but one of the Pontiac used for the show was sold at an auction that week. (Details HERE)
The auctioned car seemed in perfect condition and went for $115 000.
Now I am actually tracking Columbo’s car again next week… 

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  1. You're right! It is actually Toluca Lake. (I had a lunch meeting in Burbank and saw this on my way back.)

  2. American sport cars were design for beauty back then not like they are now design for production and cheapness.

  3. I read somewhere that the GM F body (Firebirds and Camaros) had the longest doors ever on a production vehicle. Don't ever park by one, you're sure to get a door ding. 😮

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