Saab 9.3: Still not dead…

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After almost 7 years, NEVS is finally ready to produce their own version of the Saab 9.3.
As promised, it is an EV.
Although they had shown pictures of much more interesting models a few years ago. 
The real thing pictured here is just the same car as ever. The one Saab starting producing back in 2002.
The specs don’t seem terrible. It has a 221 miles range. 
And the price seems to start at around $25 500. 
Not sure how much NEVS paid for the Saab assets, but it doesn’t look like they are using much of what they got…
“Zombie Saab” lives on… For now.

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  1. Old design, nothing special about it. Who in the right mind would bring it back? It is not some kind of classic.

  2. This one is supposedly their "fleet" EV, sold to taxi drivers and local governments. The real new car should be out next year.

    NEVS and Koenigsegg just signed a partnership. It should be interesting to see what they come-up with.

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