VW Jetta LWB (VW Sagitar)

Apparently, the new VW Jetta will get the “long wheelbase treatment” soon, in China. (white car)
Where extended cars with more rear legroom are “a thing”.
Since this version is just a couple of inches longer, I am not sure it was worth all the effort.
At the same time, the LWB is available only as the VW Sagitar. Which is a more luxurious version of the Jetta.

The Sagitar also comes with a much larger sunroof than the regular Jetta.

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  1. The wheelbase seems the same… There is only a difference in the front and rear overhang, which seem shorter.

  2. So they can have a better view of the smog.

    If may be that they want narrow cars with extra legroom due to the crowded streets.

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