VW Jetta LWB (VW Sagitar)

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Apparently, the new VW Jetta will get the “long wheelbase treatment” soon, in China. (white car)
Where extended cars with more rear legroom are “a thing”.
Since this version is just a couple of inches longer, I am not sure it was worth all the effort.
At the same time, the LWB is available only as the VW Sagitar. Which is a more luxurious version of the Jetta.

The Sagitar also comes with a much larger sunroof than the regular Jetta.

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  1. The wheelbase seems the same… There is only a difference in the front and rear overhang, which seem shorter.

  2. So they can have a better view of the smog.

    If may be that they want narrow cars with extra legroom due to the crowded streets.

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