2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

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Looks like even in Europe they are afraid of using the word “wagon” these days.
“Touring Sports”… 
Another stupid name for… a wagon.
Not the best looking around (that would be the Mazda6 wagon or any recent Volvo wagon) but still fine.
And available with the same hybrid powertrain that just got rated at 52MPG in the US version of the new Corolla Sedan.
Which is really nice.
Basically a Prius in a more conventional wagon shape. And a larger cargo area.
It has been decades since Toyota has sold us a wagon version of the Corolla.
Even though their compact SUVs sell better and have a higher profit margin, should it make a comeback?
What do you think?

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  1. Vince, in the UK "estate" is the term used. Station wagon is an americanism. Intestingly, if you rent a Focus estate in Italy it's called a "station wagon" to avoid confusion, as estate means summer in Italian.

  2. I doubt Toyota will bring The Corolla Touring Sports here to the states. It looks to good for a Toyota, and it would clash with their ugly showroom models.

  3. Well, tbh., Toyota has used the term "touring sport" for a while now in Europe, on the Avensis and the Auris wagons (which, with the Hybrid, I use as a daily), here most car companies have used some different term for decades, starting with Opel "Caravan" in the 50ies, Volkswagen "Variant", etc., I guess also for language reasons, as the term for wagon is a different one in every European language…

  4. I would be very interested in a hybrid version with AWD, but it will never happen here in the US.

  5. The Corolla is like a 737, a workhorse. Probably one of the best car values around. And better utility and looks are icing on the cake.

  6. I would love to see this in North America. But Toyota won't bring it here because A: America thinks it needs an SUV to go to Walmart B: Most Americans can barely fit in a RAV4 let alone a Corolla.

  7. I think the main reason is, as usual, money.

    A Corolla in the US starts at under $19 000.
    While the RAV-4, based on the same platform starts at over $25 000.
    And there is no way a base RAV-4 costs over $6000 to build than a base Corolla…

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