2020 GMC Acadia

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 GMC is making the news today with a revised Acadia SUV for 2020. (not all new)
As you can see (new on top) it now has an even larger and more obnoxious grille.
It looks like it is trying really hard to look like the new GMC Sierra pick up.

Which is sad, since I thought the current Acadia was quite a visual improvement over the last generation.
Looking more car-like.
Now they are going back to the “wannabe big luxury truck” look. With a giant grille that just does not fit the rest of the car at all.

From the rear view, it also looks more square now.
Actually, it reminds me a lot of the new Honda Passport.
Especially in the new XT4 off-road trim pictured here (new one on top)

Except for the regular shifter being deleted, I can’t see any difference inside.
Which could have used an upgrade.
The wood trim seems new, but, at least on this picture, not really better looking.

Otherwise, the newest version of the 2.0 Liter turbo with 230HP is now available in some trims.
Although the 2.5 Liter is still the base engine. (???)

The new AT4 version comes with the V6 standard. (Just like the Honda Passport).
And off-road tires.

Apparently, the Acadia saw a 20% sales decline last year. Which is really bad news in a market where it seems that every single SUV sells well.
While I am pretty sure the new AT4 version could be quite popular, I am not sure it will be enough to make up the difference.
GM really needs a change of direction for GMC.
I think this new AT4 model is the best way to go for the Acadia.
They should concentrate on an off-road, more masculine look in general. (And get rid of any fake wood trim) And leave the family SUV market to the other GM brands.

GMC should focus more on competing directly with Jeep and the upcoming Bronco from Ford.
Their base versions are covered by Chevrolet SUVs. And their luxury chromy Denali models actually compete with Buick and Cadillac.

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  1. Front end looks truck like now and fits in the GMC line up. 9 speed is big step in smooth performance. V6 is the way to buy it. Still take the XT6 over the 2020 Acadia.

  2. Yes, they should compete more with Jeep. BUT there is only so much they can do with a fwd platform shared with the Traverse. Ford went the right direction with building a luxury rwd platform for Lincoln then moving it down market for Explorer. GM has it wrong. Taking a cheap platform and trying to take it up scale is like putting lip stick on a pig.

  3. I think the trunk front is designed to distinguish it more from the Blazer, XT5 & 6, and a possible Buick of similar size (between Envision and Enclave). The 3rd row isn't critical for everyone.

    There's some new purse storage below the cupholders, but that's the only advantage I see from the new gear selector. The dash cubby is smaller. I'd think column shift would be better for off-roading–closest to the wheel.

  4. GMC is in a tough spot. They are trying to sell luxury crossovers int he same showroom as Buick and probably Cadillac. You are right, they need to go the trucky route, and leave the luxury to Buick and Cadillac.

  5. Why is GMC still around?

    Because the trucks and SUVs make a lot of money, since they're basically Chevrolets, and it keeps Buick dealers from folding.

  6. I have driven an older version. It is a solid SUV, but exterior design is at best anonymous and the added chrome makes matters worse.

  7. …and it keeps Buick dealers from folding.

    Which raises another question. Why is Buick still around?

  8. The chrome grill thing is hideous. And the new chrome strip around the headlights might have worked a little better if it had synced with the chrome bars in the grill, but of course they couldn't have figured that out. Just change for the sake of change.

  9. Went from soccer mom to soccer dad in appearance. Now if they can do something with that transgender bastard child they call the Terrain

  10. GM must think an SUV on the Colorado chassis will take sales from the Tahoe/Yukon, but I thought they sold a lot of Trailblazers. It might take a lot of re-engineering to compete with the fancy-pants medium SUVs.

  11. Ok.

    I may be in the minority, but I think this is a vast improvement in the looks department. The interior still looks crappy, but the exterior looks more attractive now.

  12. V 6 is option on the two highest trim and standard on the AT4! GMC decided to de-tune the 2.0T to only around 230 hp! LOL! Sort of marketing bet that buys will opt for V6 and pay additional for it!

  13. "Why is Buick still around?"

    To keep GMC dealers from folding. More seriously, so there's something for the wives to find appealing when the husbands drag them in.

    Before the sedan business collapsed, GM needed some smooth-riding, plush cars since Cadillac was chasing BMW down the stiff & spartan rat hole. My theory is that Buick failed to offer enough room, and their older clientele realized CUVs were easier to get in and out of.

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