2020 Land Rover Defender

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The all-new Defender will be one of Land Rover’s most important new model ever.

Updating such a classic is an almost impossible task and no matter what, super fans of the previous one might not be happy…

Today we get out first look at the interior. (after seeing the exterior from prototypes HERE)
And, of course, it is quite modern. But it does keep things simple. Just like the new Jeep Wrangler did. And unlike the super busy, overdone and almost vulgar new Mergedes G Class interior.
(I especially like the pedals with “stop” and “go” markings. )

Of course, it will be a modern car. With retro touches.
I am sure Land Rover is doing their best to bring the legenday Defender into the 21st Century.

It will be interesting to see how popular it will get. In a world that is now just crazy about “anything SUV”. As the previous ones were mostly actually used off road. And known around the world as the unofficial cars used in African safaris for decades…

More very soon…

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  1. Plain and bland on the insides. I take the Merecedes G Wagon any day and the new G550 is totally awesome both inside as well as outside!

  2. So many unknowns with this model. Land Rover has done a nice job or not leaking much info for a model that's probably less than a year from release. The interior looks simple, and they'll probably even have a even simpler one for 3rd world countries and safari duty. They won't be able to make enough of these if they get the design right.

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