2020 VW Golf.

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 Well, it looks like these previous spy shots (HERE and HERE) of the 2020 Golf were the real thing.
I know it is hard to believe since it looks almost exactly the same as the current car.
But that is also due to very clever camouflage from VW.

I remember seeing a few years ago pictures of Tiguan prototypes that looked like they had no camo.
But upon close inspection, they did. It was just not the weird white stuff (Or Toyota’s cardboard) we are used to see.

Take the picture above. Which at first glance looks a lot like the current car…

 But a big part of the headlights are still covered up. In the same black color as the body.

You can see a very different headlight design under the black tape. With a thick line of chrome running across the whole front end.
The whole bottom of the bumper is also tweaked with fake chrome etc…

 Some thing for the tail lights. They just put some red camo around the real think to change the shape and size.

As you can see here (this was released a few months ago during their new “Tail Light Personalisation ” technology demo) this is probably the real thing and shape from the 2020 Golf tail lights.

So this will be yet another “samo” Golf.
I just wonder how long they can last by designing the same car over and over.
No matter how hard I try, I just cannot see the Golf shape as such an iconic thing that needs to be preserved at all cost. Like the Jeep Wrangelr or Porsche 911.

With all their truly modern electric models coming out soon, the Golf will finally feel and look like something really old. It might finally be forced to look a bit more modern or go away.

They really need to ask Giugiaro to do a super modern take on its original shape.
I am sure he’s got some good ideas…

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  1. Would sell more in this form of a nice looking hatchback then then like of the Leaf and Bolt!

    I like to see an Golf-R for myself!

  2. There is a new video on YouTube that shows the VW Golf 8 fully undisguised. Taken at S.Africa. Car is metallic silver.

  3. Remember the model about a decade ago that reverted to the "Rabbit" moniker? That one actually looked best. How many generations since then? Is this the third? Fourth? They're all completely interchangeable. I'm going to bring up this picture tonight when I hit the bed. Better than Ambien.

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