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Geely released a few official pictures (the white car) of their brand new electric sedan, the GE11.
Not sure about the range yet, but it does look quite nice.
Showing a modern yet more conservative approach to the electric family car.
Geely claims this will allow them to finally enter “global markets”. Which is pretty vague. No mention of Europe or the US yet.

 From this angle, it does look like a hatchback.
Very similar rot he Buick Regal Sportback offered in the US (Opel Insignia)

The new GE11 is about an inch and a half longer than a Tesla Model 3.

 Interior looks great already. Modern yet simple.

Although the tablet isn’t integrated that well into the rest of the interior, it seems actually OK…

Refreshing to see a really nice fabric and not leather.

The GE11 also is the first car to use Geely’s new simpler logo.
Which is also fine. Something GM should seriously consider doing with the Cadillac logo.
(That poor thing does need a 21st Century update)

As I mentioned, not sure of the range yet. And if this is based or not on some Volvo platform.
This could be quite interesting…

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  1. "Very similar rot he"

    Vince – After a period of real improvement with the frequent typos and bad grammar, it seems like things are back to being the way they were.

    There's been a real uptick in misspellings; typos and illogical sentences during the past few weeks. (It's been quite bad).

    Once again – I think it would be a good idea if you were to carefully read the written copy before it gets posted.

  2. They did release a few early details regarding the motor and range. But stuff like charging times or battery kwh aren't disclosed as of yet

    Motor: 180 HP/200 lb.ft torque
    Range: 410 km on full charge
    Top speed: Capped at 150kmh
    0-60: around 8 seconds

    Supposedly it will also have things such as a panoramic glass roof, flush door handles, a HUD as well as Level 2 semi-autonomous driving abilities.

    They seem to be targeting Civic or Corolla buyers with this one despite having certain aesthetics similar to the Model 3. Nice to have an EV that isn't a crossover.

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