2020 Buick Lacrosse

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That’s right. This was scheduled to be the revised Buick Lacrosse for 2020.
And it looks great.
With just enough changes front and back to really improve the car.
Instead, GM chose to close the plant where the car is built. And cancel the Lacrosse all together.
But it lives on in China, where the new model will go on sale shortly.
They sold less than 20 000 of them in the US last year. And almost 70 000 in China.
It is really too bad to see it go away…

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  1. I for one like the new refresh of the Buick LeCross. It to bad GM decided to discontinue it before the 2020 model when it final looks fabulous! Sad!

  2. That looks really sharp! Too bad the SUV/CUV/truck craze is killing the sedan segment. It would’ve been nice to see this slick looking updated LaCrosse out and about on the roads.

  3. I agree that this LaCrosse refresh looks very good. (The huge rims are part of it.) So for anybody who thinks Buick equals "old man," you're wrong.

  4. Is it racist to suspect that the Chinese like cars with squinty tail and headlights?

    I think this car would have sold much better in the US with more rear headroom and a bigger trunk for the golfers. Somehow the XTS managed it, though it does look oddly proportioned.

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