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I always thought the current Buick Regal, and its European twin the Opel Insignia, were very good looking cars.
The sportier GS version of the Buick adds very subtle sporty touches. Like a very small rear spoiler,
and body-colored side skirts.
On top of gorgeous wheels.

The front end is also slightly more aggressive looking. but everything stays classy and low key.

The interior is basically the same as a loaded version of the “regular” Regal.
Except for the seats.
And it is also a very nice interior.
With mostly soft plastics everywhere.
Everything feels nice to the tough and solid. The Bose stereo sounds great.
And the current Buick/GM infotainment system is a very easy one to use. Really one of the best around.

The back seat is the same as the other Regal models with leather.
Very roomy, although not quite as much as the Accord or Passat.

The GS seats are great.
They do look very sporty but are always comfortable. Even if quite firm at first. With plenty of adjustment for anyone to find the perfect driving position.

The hatchback is what separates the Regal from almost every other car in the segment.
(Expect the Kia Stinger and upcoming VW Artheon)
As you can see, the roomy trunk becomes even bigger and much more convenient with the hatch.
Unfortunately, it is still very heavy to handle. and  not powered. Something I noticed in my previous Buick Regal test drive…

The Regal is a great driving car, and so is the GS version.
That wonderful 3.6 Liter V6 sounds great. All the time. Even when cold in the morning.
And has a wonderfully muted growl when pushed.

It is really a wonderful engine. No matter how good some four cylinders are, a good old smooth V6 is just great…

As you can see here, there are 3 driving modes.
The regular (default) mode is just the same as the regular Regal. Which is super smooth.
You can program the “sport” mode to your preference for suspension and steering.
While the GS mode is just “full on” sporty all the time.

You can actually tell the difference between the 3, especially in GS mode.
But no matter which mode you pick, the car is always comfortable.
With a real luxury car ride in the default setting.

The Regal GS is rated at 19/27MPG.
I did get around 19 in the city but was able to get 30 to 32 on the highway.
Which is better than what GM claims.

But of course, not as good as the 2.0 Liter Turbo in the other Regal models (I got 37MPG in that one)

Of course, besides the V6, AWD and fancy seats, the main difference between the Regal and the GS is the price.
While the Regal Sportback starts at under $26 000, the GS starts at over $39 000.
Which seems like a crazy difference.
Until you realize the GS is pretty loaded, to begin with. And that difference is only about $5000 with similar equipment.

The 2.0 Liter is already a great car. So it would be up to you to see if the GS is worth the extra $5000.

While it is a wonderful ride and has a fantastic engine, I am not sure I would spend $5000 over a loaded 2.0 Liter.
But, as a German car, the Regal GS is actually a bit of bargain when compared to other imports from Europe.
An Audi A4 Quattro (with just 188HP!) starts at $42 000 before any options! (although it does come with leather and a sunroof)
The new Volvo S60 with AWD starts at $40 300 (Which also includes a sunroof)

While the GS version of the Regal is not the amazing deal the regular Regal is, it is still a wonderful car to drive.
For some, AWD and the great V6 will be worth the premium.

Now, I cannot wait to drive the Tour-X version. I have been waiting for sunny days to come back so I can actually go camping with it.
Meanwhile, the GS AWD was a great companion for a rainy week…

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  1. Personally, I think if manufacturers want to revive sedan sales they should go hatchback designs like this.

  2. Thank you for your review of the Buick Regal GS. It sounds like a great ca. I'll look forward to your review of the Regal TourX, too.

  3. I'll agree about the V6. Everything has a 4 cylinder these days and we are starting to forget how much better a V6 feels and sounds.

  4. Ok Vince, after using the word wonderful half a dozen times, can you tell us the driving experience?

  5. This looks like it will make a great used car bargain once the depreciation levels off. No way would anyone with any sense buy one new.

  6. This car has been a colossal failure for GM. I have only seen 1 new regal on the road ever and not a single GS.

  7. The steering does have a good feel. Especially in the GS mode, where it really firms up quite a bit (but so does the ride)
    The Sport mode lets you choose the smooth ride and the firmer steering, which is great.

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