GM finally prepares an all-new Bolt-based EV

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GM just announced they are investing an extra $300 million to produce an all-new Chevrolet EV model based on an “advanced version” of the Bolt platform.
“Advanced version” is probably a code word for “slightly larger”…

Which is great.

The picture above was shown by GM about 2 years ago. So it would make sense to finally get that thing produced. Since it looked ready to go, 2 years ago.

I think a compact SUV type thing based on the Bolt is a great idea. But it shouldn’t cost much more than the Bolt. Which is already the same price as basic versions of the Tesla Model 3.

And, how about some kind of a sunroof this time?

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  1. The Bolt came out an almost immediately was old news, so I'm sure by the time this comes out it will be the same thing. One way or the other GM will screw it up.

  2. GM needs to make it not look like a $20k econobox but with a $40k sticker – like they did with the Bolt. I'm no fan of Tesla, but if I had to choose between a lower level model 3 or a Bolt I'd be in the model 3 every time, just because it actually seems like belongs somewhere near its price range. The Bolt seems like it competes with an Aveo or a Fit – and comes up short.

  3. GM designers are still caught up on the notion that only “greenie” are interested in buying EVs and still design them to look frugly and smallish. I sure the Bolt 2 will be slightly bigger but retain the same style as the Bolt. Only Tesla models are appealing to the rest of the car buying market for right now. Even the iPace is questionable!

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