Just a few more pictures of the 2020 Buick lacrosse for China

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This really was a case of a good car getting even better. 
Which is too bad GM decided to close down the plant where it was made for the US market.
This was probably a last minute decision to save some cash before the end of the year. 
Since this facelift was obviously planned a while ago. 
I don’t see any changes in the interior. Except maybe the matte wood trim.
And the exterior just looks great…

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  1. What a great car. It's depressing that we wont see these. This refresh is beautiful. I had a 2017 as a rental and loved it. This is the best value in it's class and is feature rich even the base model.

  2. What a shame. They finally utilize the front end styling from the Avista concept and we don't even get to enjoy it. FFS

  3. No one is going to bring up the Taurus's front end. But 20 people will hate on the new Sonata's backend huh?

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