More pictures of the new Polestar2 EV

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Just a few (not great) pictures I had not seen before. 
I think the car looks great.
Much more upscale than the Tesla Model3. 
(The one pictured here is, of course, the $63 000 top of the line Launch Edition.
The much more affordable model below $40 000 will be available a year later)
Plus, it has a real hatch!
It just looks fantastic.

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  1. Is this the real return of Saab? It's a practical and innovative Swedish hatchback, so it may as well be.

  2. I really like this car. Volvo should consider rolling these out in their new facility in North Carolina, otherwise it might be difficult to send them over from China(sales of Tesla models in China were stopped).

  3. Looks like there might be some actual rear seat headroom. Usually the roof starts sloping back at the B-pillar.

    The seat belt being that color is a nice touch.

    Also, it look like you see out the back side windows not like some other new car.

    All sedans should be hatches these days. One of the reasons I gave up on sedans. Cubic feet is useless when the opening is a mail slot.

  4. Yes, it is.

    And I can't wait for that. But Musk has already mentioned the Y will share 75% of its parts with the Model3.
    Which means only 25% of the Y will be new.
    So it could end up being just a raised up hatchback version of the Model 3…

    I hope not…

  5. Side-by-side next to a Model 3, this looks more conventional and ordinary and a little low-rent. This design is interesting because it's brand new, and we are all sick of Model 3 news. But there are a lot of clunky elements. For instance, can automakers finally move away from industrial sized plastic door handles?

  6. Designing sedans as sport backs, fastbacks, hatchbacks, whatever…is the only way for them to stay relevant compared to SUVs, especially now that fuel consumption and driving dynamics are top notch for the latter.

  7. All crossover are car based vehicles that are now interchangeable from sedans to CUV. Use the same chassis and many of the components too. That why it so easy for car manufacturers to get so many models out and not care about the cost! Of course, U.S. domestic are trying to limit the sedans type cars to outside of the U.S. now! LOL! They did this same marketing strategy for smaller SUVs and compact pickup trucks around the 2012 era too.

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