2020 Buick Encore

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Buick has just unveiled 2 small SUVs inChina. But this is the one we are getting in the US as the next Buick Encore.
(It perfectly matches the various spy shots we have seen before)
It looks a bit larger and lower. And has lost that “bulldog” look and feel.
And maybe its personality as well…
it now looks a lot more like an Opel. (Which is weird since Opel isn’t GM anymore)
I also hear a rumor about a newer 1.3 Liter Turbo with 158HP. At least for China.
More on this very soon…

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  1. VERY CLEAN design! At least a smooth looking choice for the premium small SUVs, instead of all these funky looking alternatives (Lexus UX, Infiniti QX30, Mercedes GLA, Volvo XC40). A polish and sleek style.
    Now, let's see the interior…

  2. This is nearly identical to the Opel Grandland X. The differences are similar to the differences between the US Chevy Cruze, the Chinese version and the Opel Astra. Obviously the same vehicle, with styling tweaks between them.

  3. Cannot be related to Grandland, this has to be a GM platform (Grandland is PSA) and it has to offer AWD (which Grandland doesn't). My guess is that PSA will still use a GM platform as their new Mokka X (This Encore GX), maybe in exchange of the Regal production for the USA.

  4. I can no longer tell most small SUVs apart. They are pretty much all looking the same. Any of them could have some other maker's name on it an no one would notice.


  5. My bad; other sites are calling the larger Encore model the GX so they're the ones who have it wrong apparently. Obviously for the U.S. we'll just be getting this Encore GX as the "Encore."

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