2020 Buick Encore

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My previous post about the 2020 Buick Encore was probably showing some weird Chinese market model.
The one pictured above looks like it is the real thing. Since it really matches the spy shots we have seen of the US model.
( I guess both will be sold in China since they are buying anything with a Buick logo over there…)
I think that it really looks like an Opel, more than ever.
Not sure if it is or not anymore. And not sure if the Opel version, the Mokka X will get a similar redesign for Europe or not.
It looks like a decent update. but nothing special.
Since this has been a big hit for Buick, I guess they are not going for an all-new look or anything futuristic here.
More very soon. 

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  1. They've cleaned up the A pillar nicely, but it doesn't say Buick much to me. I can still remember their full width taillights.

    I get that the lower cladding makes it look less stubby, but why is everyone afraid of unadorned wheel openings? They spell premium to me.

  2. Everybody's done the hood ridge angling and/or curving in from the A pillar. It's past time for something new.

  3. All the spy shots of the new 2020 Opel Mokka are identical to this new Buick Encore GX. It seems that GM is still having a partnership with PSA for this model, and that could end up to keep the partnership for the Regal as well…

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