2020 Buick Encore

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 After seeing so many spy shots of camouflaged prototypes driving around, we finally are getting a good look at the real thing.

The new 2020 Buick Encore does look quite a bit sleeker than the outgoing model.
But also, a bit more generic. And also, more like a Chevrolet.
This looks more like a smaller Chevrolet Equinox, especially from the side.

Same thing in the back. Everything seems lower and wider.
But also with a bit less personality. 
Gone is the little bulldog feel of the current model. 
No specs yet, but there was a rumor of a slightly larger 1.5 Liter engine with around 170HP.
Which would be an improvement over the current engine offered in the Encore.
More on this very soon…

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  1. The side sculpting looks like the Malibu's, too.
    Definitely more non-descript and busier. The rest of it had better be improved a lot.

  2. That looks like a very base model – small wheels and minimal chrome. I'd assume they would spruce it up for the US. The current Encore is no prize, either.

    This new one does kind of look GM generic

  3. I can't disagree with what you wrote, Vince, and thank you for sharing these photos. For better or worse, it brings the Encore more fully into Buick's current design language, with the grille and its background and the rear end tail lights and treatment.

  4. It doesn't look a lot like the prototype we've seen on other websites. I would say, let's see…
    This is a Buick version of the chinese Chevrolet Tracker. I guess it's China only, or mabe will there be two small Buick SUVs?

  5. The Buick Encore we can see as spy shots in the States is exactly identical to the next Opel Mokka X spy shots in Europe. Strange…

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