2020/21 Ford Puma

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The all-new Ford Puma will basically replace the current Ford Ecosport. Even though it has been on sale in the US for just a couple of years, the current generation Ecosport came out almost 7 years ago.
Just like the Ecosport, the Puma is based on the Ford Fiesta. Since the Puma is all new, it is based on the new/current Fiesta platform. 
The one we never got in the US (Like the new Focus)
So it is a much more modern car than the Ecosport.
Power comes from a 1.0 Liter 3 cylinder with 155HP. Which is more than enough for that segment.
US sales have not been officially confirmed. But since this is a replacement for the Ecosport, it is fair to expect the Puma in the US as well.
Plus, it’s “SUV madness” everywhere this day. And I am sure they will not repeat the mistake they made with the Ecosport by waitng 5 years to bring it over here…

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  1. FYI the current Fiesta is just a reskin of the old Fiesta…so it's sitting on the same platform (the B3 platform).

  2. Good, Ecosport was a ridiculous name…but only for the fact that they replaced the "TwinForce" name with "EcoBoost."

    Talk about trash naming conventions. This gave "NoVa" a run for its money.

  3. I read elsewhere that the Puma was coming along with a new EcoSport – 2 different vehicles. That image doesn't look much more "sport utility" like than the Fiesta Active does – a hatchback with a slight lift and some cladding.

  4. Not to mention that Ford now needs an entry level car that starts close to $15,000.The current Focus starts at $18,000, and the Fiesta started at 14,000. So Ford needs a solid entry-level vehicle to replace both in price. If this starts at $20,000, like the current Ecosport, Ford will not offer an *New* Entry-level vehicle, relying instead on used cars and certified preowned vehicles to sell to those wanting a lower price of entry.

  5. So far i count 9, which is a lot of SUVS:

    1) Puma (EcoSport replacement?)
    3)Big Bronco
    4)Small Bronco
    6)Mustang SUV
    8) Flex
    9) Expedition

    I think they should get the Flex as it is a slow seller. I also think within 5 years the Expedition, Edge and Explorer will die off.

  6. Say what? The Flex is being killed off, but the Expedition, Edge, and Explorer aren't going anywhere.

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