Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept

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Just like with their previous Qx Inspiration concept we saw a while ago, I would have to say: please no.

I really don’t think this is such a great idea for Infiniti’s next design direction.
that horrible dent on the side alone would be such a mistake.
(although it seems worst on the SUV concept)

Infiniti seems to be in a tough spot these days. Even their well-reviewed new QX50 only sold about 25000 units last year.
While Lexus sold over 62 000 units of the NX. And Acura was able to move over 63 000 of the RDX.

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  1. I do not think there is a design issue. I think its reliability rating has gotten worse and has caught buyers attention for the qx50. From this angle, I would agree that we cannot see anything special, but not unattractive either.

  2. The Cadillac EV "sketch" at NAIAS also had a forward-leaning grille area. Must be the next new thing in car design.

  3. The design issue is having other bystanders question if the vehicle was hit or not. If this passes through to a production model, there are some serious screw ups working in the Infiniti design department. Not that I can afford their line anyway, but please Infiniti, just no.

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