More pictures of the new 2020 Toyota Highlander

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Just a few more pictures of the all-new Toyota Highlander from the New York show floor.
It still looks a bit lumpy to me. that big curved line over the rear wheel looks weird.
Like it was a last minute idea.
The interior seems fine. But not very upscale, even in the loaded versions shown at the show.
This just doesn’t seem as good as an effort as the all-new Kia Telluride.
Unless you are looking at a hybrid. Then Toyota seems to be the only choice…
Otherwise, there is a lot of competition out there…

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  1. About the only I like about any of it is the 12 inch screen. I know Toyota didn't want to mess with a good thing, but, unless this looks a lot better in person, I think this is a misstep.

  2. I like the changes made to the exterior, the design is much better and more cohesive than the outgoing model. It's the ugly as sin interior where this would be off my shopping list. Same reason the last one was as well. Somehow Toyota never seems to get the interior of most of their cars, but especially the Highlander correct. It looks like a 20 year old Buick with a wacky tablet stuck on the dash as an afterthought.

    Toyota is capable of a lot better, this just is a missed opportunity. I'm sure this will sell well regardless, but it could be way better.

  3. The door-grabbing recesses look far too small and the armrests too narrow.

    If the horizontal Y embracing the screen were real metal, it would look much more upscale.

    You can't tell in show photos if that's black or dark gray, but I don't like the caramel color, especially with that wood.

  4. real quick comments… just buy glancing at the pictures quickly…

    I see Infiniti, Mazda, with a little bit of Subaru in it…

  5. The upcoming Explorer looks much better. Toyota needs to hire new designers or maybe borrow some from Mazda, Alfa Romeo or even Kia.

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