1971 Lincoln Coupe Drive

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My friend Chris bought an old Lincoln Coupe a few years ago.

I finally got to take a short ride in it.

What a weird time machine this is… Such an old fashion idea of luxury.

The feeling of that huge hood in front of you. The only way you get this now is in a huge SUV.

(Which sits way too high to feel luxurious.)

The old Lincoln is low. And everything feels way too soft and too heavy.

But at the same time, it is great and truly comfortable. Over 45 years later, it does feel very special…

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  1. Even longer hood on the Mark IV, but the III was classier and restrained.

    Ford had awful steering in the 70's. I drove a couple, and I couldn't tell how the wheels were turned from the steering wheel.

  2. Thanks for this post. It's a trip down memory lane for me. This was my favorite car that my dad owned and he had quite a few, being a car wholesaler. Ours was a triple green '69. It was an early model with low back seats and the leather felt like steerhide. What I most remember is the insane torque of the 460 c.i. motor. I had to look it up – 485 lbs. ft. I do remember the 365 horsepower rating because it was written on a plate under the hood. This all added up to the ability to (literally) burn the all the rubber off the poor 15 inch tires at will.

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