2020 Buick Verano ???

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Buick has been testing a new sedan in the US. As these spy shots were taken in Michigan.
it resembles a lot the current Chinese version of the Buick Verano.
The Verano was redesigned after it left the US market a few years ago.
But we never got that new version. Yet it has become quite a hit in China. Selling almost 200 000 of them last year alone. (And with numbers increasing every year!)
But the Chinese Verano just received a mid-cycle refresh/facelift a few months ago.
(Pictures of the gold car above have the redesigned front end and rear)
So why would they test yet another facelift of the same generation car?
And why in the US?
Did they decide to bring it back over here with some modifications?
The spy shots show a car that is actually quite different. Not just a new front and back.
The trunk is higher. Where the A-pillar meets the front door seems a bit different. (That also could be the angle of the pictures…)
What do you think?
Is Buick really bringing the Verano back to the US?
(In a “cheap” way by not selling us a brand new design)
And why! Since they sold only 4277 of them back in 2017. (from over 30 000 the previous year)
Since then the market for small “luxury” sedans has not really been improving…
More pictures of this “revised Buick Verano” HERE

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  1. Most of the differences seem to be minor, but changing the A and C pillars aren't. Perhaps the Chinese version didn't meet our crash standards.
    Wasn't 2017 only a part year of sales?

    I've long thought they should put adjustable shocks on small, light sedans so they can have a comfortable ride without wallowing when carrying 4 people & luggage. There's a market for older or shorter people who want comfort & premium features in a small, easily-parked package without having to step up into a crossover or climb over over-bolstered seats. Since Cadillac is bound and determined to avoid that market (idiots), Buick needs to step up.

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