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 After driving a CTS-V for a whole week a little while ago, I, of course, became a huge fan of that car.
This is why the announcement of the all-new V version of the CT-5 sedan is such a letdown.

Not only because of the specs. Which are pretty terrible, for a “V”.
The CTS V had AWD with a fantastic V8 with 640HP. Which is crazy, And that is the point of the car.
the new CT5 V has a twin-turbo V6 with 355HP.
That,s right, 355!
That same engine makes over 400HP in the CT6! Why only 355 in the V?
NOT USING THE 404HP version they already have makes zero sense.

On top of it, there is no way the new car can match the presence and powerful look of the previous one (grey car above)

While I am sure the new CT5 V is a very nice car, it is not a true “V”.
For some reason, GM people have already said a more powerful model is coming up soon.
Which means they might be trying to turn “V” into some kind of a sporty sub-brand.
With more than one model for each line.

I really think this is a very wrong move for Cadillac. that money should be spent on much better design.
that black plastic trim behind the rear door still looks cheap no matter what…

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  1. The whole car is just a nightmare. Terrible styling, weak powertrains, and the decimation of the V brand that they took 3 generations to build. And CT5-V doesn't roll right off the tongue like CTS-V did.

  2. I like the mid level power of the CT5-V but will look at it st the end of 2020 if it is deeply discounted! Interior is not to my liking, to ugly looking and the 3rd rear pillar looks like a Infiniti sedan!

  3. This seems more like a replacement for the CTS V-Sport designation and definitely not a true V-model as it's predecessors. Cadillac is making a huge mistake here. I have no idea what they will call the model that is equivalent in performance as the current CTS-V.

  4. There is zero grace or elegance to that rear 3 quarter view… I can't get beyond how much it looks like an old cheap Saturn. This sort of looks like a Cimarron version of a Saturn, in fact. It would look so much better if there were some top-view taper to the greenhouse and real windows aft the rear doors. (like a tesla)

  5. They should be spending money on interiors not dominated by black. That reeks of cost-cutting, but with sales that low, it's hard to blame them. This whole Alpha redo could be throwing good money after bad.

    As you said, we need to think of sedans as the new coupes, and we know what happened to the old ones.

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