2020 Cadillac CT4

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So far we have only seen the “V” version of the “all new” Cadillac CT4.

The top picture gives us a look at the regular model.
Which, as expected, is basically the same thing with more chrome bits and slightly smaller wheels.
And no spoiler.

Again, notice how similar the CT4 is to the “discontinued for poor sales” ATS.
The glass parts are exactly the same. Sure, the metal is new as well as the interior.
But it is not an all new car.
It is similar to what Nissan did with the current Leaf.

I do like the design.  But if the ATS was a failure, I can’t imagine the CT4 doing much better…

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  1. Because Cadillac is reposition the car and the segment it competes in, instead of taking on the 3 series and C class and A4, it will be priced to compete with the A class and A3, a much better value proposition, and if Cadillac nails the marketing it should have a good seller in that segment.

  2. Probably because it was a whole lot cheaper to just base a refreshed sedan off of the existing Alpha platform and keep it relatively competitive, given that sedan sales continue to fall. It may not sell a ton, but I don't think Caddy was ever expecting it to.

  3. If they offered a smooth-riding option, they could sell some to empty-nesters before their knees go. But they've given up catering to the 50+ crowd, which is stupid, because we've got more money.

  4. The name change will totally sell the car. Who’d want to drive an ATS? Now a CT4, that’s a whole different story!

  5. It's just a heavy facelift, and a terrible one at that. It lost all the sharpness of the original design. I had high hopes after i saw the Escala concept but the design cues of that concept haven't translated well into production.

  6. New to Cadillac, but a tired final product to the public. and yes, it appears to be an ATS all over, same old roof line, with an already boring front end design.

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