2020 Cadillac XT-5

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 Cadillac has made a few small changes to their popular XT-5 for 2020.
At least for the Chinese market. (the US will follow shortly)

And they are hard to tell. The one thing they should have done, to begin with, gives it a proper name.
Like Lincoln did when they updated the MKX to the Nautilus.

But it looks like Cadillac is not ready yet to admit these stupid XT and CT names are a mistake…

Otherwise, it looks like the inside of the grille is the only difference.
They didn’t do as much work as they did with the 2019 CT-6 (which now looks fantastic in person)
Too bad…

Even less inside. The 2020 model is on top and it’s hard to see anything new. Except for the slightly more upscale looking metalfinished door speakers.
Even the wood trim looks pretty much the same…
They really missed an opportunity here to make the XT-5 look and feel more expensive and luxurious. (that poor center console still looks so plain…)

They sold over 60 000 of them last year. So I guess they might be afraid to change anything…

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  1. They could add more interior colors. They all have black carpet and lower doors, and only the Platinum has non-black upper doors and dash, as seen here. Stinks of cost-cutting, in addition to being uninviting to me.

  2. Am I the only person who thinks that is the ugliest steering wheel of any car on the market? It’s so bad it ruins the otherwise decent design of the whole car!

  3. The automatic engine start-stop system can NOT be turned off! That is a deal breaker for me without more.

  4. There are historic precedents for the wheel. At least the new one has a nice stitched hub, which ought to be on every Cadillac, not just the Platinum. Right in front of the driver!

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