2020/21 Ford Edge?

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It looks like the Ford Edge is getting a huge screen update for the Chinese market.
The new screen looks a lot like the one available in top versions of the new Explorer.

Not sure if this will be coming to the US or not.
Actually, I am not really sure what the future of the Edge really is.
It now seems really squeezed in between the all new Escape and Explorer.

With its new sliding rear seat, the new Escape has a huge amount of room inside.
It also makes the Edge look pretty old now.

Although price wise, there is still plenty of room in between the new Escape and new Explorer. About
$10 000 worth …

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  1. This actually reminds me more of the upcoming S-Class's new infotainment screen. The one in the Explorer is like an ipad stuck into the dash. This is like a black monolith that wraps up from the center console. The Merc obviously seems to be doing a better job, but at least Ford is trying something…
    I really hate the vents though. Ford has been holding onto that style since the last gen Focus and it looks incredibly tacky and dated. Made worse by the litter protrusions over the screen, which make the whole thing looks more like a retro-fit than an all-new design unfortunately.

  2. That screen looks silly without redesigning the whole dash. And the Edge isn't going anywhere. It's pretty popular, and if they redesign it and add sliding rear seats, it will continue to sell well.

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